Go green!

You might be asking yourself how a debugger can help to produce greener software?

Remember: Green software saves money and ressources!

Go green!


As little as possible - as much as necessary! Keep your application clean, identify complex structures and try to find simpler solutions. It is very easy to compare different solutions and get direct information about the resource usage with time and memory measurement within the debugger.

Simple software takes less effort to use and develop it. Most of the use cases need clever solutions to use the given resources and to find the most efficient way. The debugger can also help you to identify bottle necks and forgotten memory eaters.


Improve the performance by analysing the application workflow with the history panel, mark common events like function calls with the debugger and compare the statistics. The debugger notes the current memory usage and micro time, when it was called to give you an individual overview of the application just in the case you need.

Lower resource usage

Use the performance or system panel of the debugger to see the resource usage, even every message gives you details about the included files in your application.

The performance panel gives you a total overview about the used and available system resources like hard disk space, memory usage and time limits. You can easily see if your application gets close to the system limitations.


Making software more green helps saving costs, time and resources. Optimizing existing applications could save you from buying expensive high performance server. Green software could be a significant competitive advantage and is even better for our environment!