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Is this related to Xdebug?

Actually, no. Xdebug is another great debugging application and not related to this project. The similar name has nothing to do with the other application, no matter what the people say.

xn - stands for Xell-Network

It is the name of the origin software package, where xn.debug was born from in 2005. The focus of Xdebug requires a server library to run and allows a very good IDE integration. xn.debug instead is build to work directly without server libraries and focuses on the on-demand debugging. Both tools have their advantages and could be used parallel if needed.

Lost login, cookie or session

Sometimes it happen, that you will loose your session because the browser limit of cookies is reached. This is a known problem of the current debugger version, because it saves his current state in a handful of cookies. You can simple login again and this problem should be solved for the first time. We are working on this behavior to respect the browser limits for cookies.

Where are the debugging informations stored?

The debugger uses a unique identifier in the $GLOBALS array to store his own data. The identifier is generated by the function name and a md5 checksum of the current path to him self. This guarantees no namespace conflict with the existing variables.
$gid = strtoupper(__FUNCTION__.md5(__FILE__));
$GLOBALS[$gid] = array(..);