Some steps beyond in 2007

Different projects required different debugging methods. The debugger was extended by a brand new graphical interface to make it more easier to understand for the developer where he is in the code and what he is debugging!

New features were added for each needed case, the printed variable was extended by informations about her type and size. The debug backtrace function was used to show the file and line where it was called and two buttons on the top of the new drag able debug window hold the current IP address of the server and client.

Every debug message in the window got an own title, type color and cookie to save his state of display, but the cookie limit of the browsers were reached fast. It was enough for the first moment, but not practicable for long time or any public use. Anyway, the abilities of the new window were very useful because of the seamless layout integration and the position restoring.

basic version in 2007

A command line output handler was also added to debug cronjob scripts.

extended version in 2007

But the next big step followed in the year after.