Spreading ideas in 2008

The project had a constant growing in the past, but every new feature required something like a prototype. So the debug file was extended by other useful functions like __class to print detailed informations of an class and their parents. Other functions helped to search through the $GLOBALS array for values or keys. An proprietary error handler was also added for the debugger, but it was not really useful at this time.


Download proprietary version with prototypes

This version was far away from any productive stadium, and a complete redesign of the function was required to solve the challenge to integrate all the functionalities into simply one function. It needed an half year to do so, and the result was something like a new prototype of this all-in-one debugging concept. But the changes where worth to had a look for:

  • revolutionary code design
    • self reading all-in-one solution
    • code seperation for actions and output
    • didn't influence your PHP code, everything is passed by as reference
    • supports user defined output solutions through template design
    • performance optimized
    • works as shutdown function, even if your script exits
    • compatibility down to PHP 4.3
    • uses only one $GLOBALS container
    • integrated file browser and source code viewer
  • multiple debug features available
    • individual debug informations for all kind of vars
    • integrated PHP error handler with tracing
    • phpinfo() integrated
    • memory search function
    • system informations (super global variables)
    • history with microtimer
  • easy function interface
    • intelligent parameter intepreter
    • integrated command and configuration interface
    • activity depends on one single constant
    • no installation or additional libraries required
    • auto include this script in your PHP configuration
  • automated and independant HTML user interface
    • drag & drop, open & close
    • handles multiple sections
    • linkable sections integrated
    • automatically resize itself
    • didn't influence with your HTML, JS or CSS code
    • remember the window states in session limited cookies
    • optimized cookie handling, one for position, one for sections and one for each message
    • expand or collapse all debug messages

And that was the new window design:

the new redesign
Download redesigned version (alpha)

Finally, the version was pushed from a development version number to a first version 1.0 in alpha state, three years after the first prototype.